For 5 years of Discord Boats

Why did we close the website?

Over the years we ran the website it became more and more clear that the website will have to be closed sooner or later, at the end of it, it came down to the fact that the website is not financially viable especially when Discord released their own solution to the bot list

What was the website?

A directory website and search engine for Discord chat bots made to enhance Discord groups and help chat developers grow their reach (or a bot list).

How can I contact you?

You can contact me (Roee, The one who made the website), by emailing [email protected]!

Do you still have my information?

Yes and no, all the information is backed up with the site's code and infastructure on a secure and encrypted AWS machine, we can't access it easily but if you want your data deleted we can do it, feel free to email [email protected]