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Trusted & Loved Bots


PikaGirl Avatar

PikaGirl Online840Certified35,030 Servers
PikaGirl is an extremely fun bot with various features such as cleverbot, a global economy, NSFW commands and more!

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EasyFortniteStats Avatar

EasyFortniteStats Online65Certified14,405 Servers
Graphical Fortnite Stats Bot with Auto Fortnite Shop, Server Status, Weekly Challenges, Rdm Drop and Fortnite Map

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AltDentifier Avatar

AltDentifier Online64Certified8,047 Servers
Protection against spambots and alt accounts.

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KawaiiBot Avatar

KawaiiBot Online62Certified274,465 Servers
KawaiiBot is a cute girl that aims to make your server more fun to be on! Packed with fun commands like: hug, kiss, slots, coinflip, weather, time, and more!

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Premium Bots


StaffBot Avatar

StaffBot Online41Certified814 Servers
Next Generation of Multipurpose Bots offering Advanced Moderation, Music with No Lags and Custom Commands.

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Skittles Avatar

Skittles Offline35
This bot is a very easy bot to use that helps you're server out with a lot of stuff

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Mighty Avatar

Mighty Online5
Bot has variety of commands and help people develop their server, if you have some problem you can join the support serv

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Apex Stats Avatar

Apex Stats Online3
Apex Stats

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New Bots


QuestBot Avatar

QuestBot Online2
QuestBot is a bot where you can work for gold, battle people, and even check a global leaderboard of the richest people!

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Samurai Avatar

Samurai Online3
Samurai is a bot that will help inprove your server

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Artex Avatar

Artex Online0
Türkçe Discord Botu, Gelişmekte Olan Komutlarıyla Hizmet Vermektedir. // Turkish Discord Bot, Serves with developing com

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A simple moderation & fun bot with so many features! Invite this bot to your server right now! You won't be disapointed

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