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Customizable music and fun bot with games, currency, birthday announcer, and a lot more to offer!

Developer: Kodehawa#3457 

Prefix: ->

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Mantaro: A simple and customizable Discord Bot, delivering fun and charm to your server!

Add me today and have first class music, currency and everything else you might imagine delivered directly to your server!

Check my webpage for updated information.

Hello, I'm Mantaro! I'm here to make your life a little easier. Well, now you're probably wondering "What does this bot do?", if so, let me introduce you to some of my features:

Some Features

  • 99.9% uptime and amazing support!
  • Make your chat funnier and livelier with ~>greet, ~>pat, ~>poke, ~>slap, ~>kiss, ~>hug and more!
  • Play Music! (~>play, ~>queue, ~>np, ~>forceplay and more!)
  • Play fun games! (~>game pokemon, ~>game number, ~>trivia and more!)
  • Create your own Custom Commands with ~>custom!
  • Play a simulated Currency system with the Currency commands! (Use ~>profile to start)
  • Compete on currency seasons!
  • Look up images on imageboards! (~>konachan, ~>yandere, etc!)
  • Get reminded! (Check ~>help remindme)
  • Check anime information with ~>anime.
  • Don't forget the birthdays! Use~>birthday and I'll announce when it arrives! (If the server owner configures the birthday announcer).
  • Extremely configurable with more than 60 options to offer! Check ~>opts ls and the configuration guide for more info!
  • Search the Urban Dictionary! (~>urban)
  • Comprehensive moderation: ~>mute, ~>ban, ~>kick,~>opts and more!
  • And way, way more fun features to discover!
  • No votelocks!

Configuration guide: https://github.com/Mantaro/MantaroBot/wiki

Customizable prefix! Use ~>opts prefix set with your prefix (example ~>opts prefix set ! to set another prefix!

Available in many languages! See ~>lang

Complete "Guess that pokemon!" game, with all generations and evolutions! ~>game pokemon

Some more features (with more to discover!)

  • Action Commands (bite bloodsuck cuddle facedesk greet highfive holdhands hug kiss lewd lick meow nom nuzzle pat poke pout slap smile stare teehee tickle tsundere):
    Add anime GIF actions to your conversation and make them funnier!
  • Music Commands (play queue np skip shuffle repeat volume removetrack forceplay forceskip move np pause play queue removetrack repeat restartsong rewind shuffle skip skipahead stop volume):
    First class music with no delay or loss!
  • Custom Commands (custom):
    Use your creativity to the limit!
  • Anime Commands (anime character):
    Find information about your favorite animes and characters.
  • Currency Commands (badges balance cast daily dailycrate equip fish gamble inventory iteminfo itemtransfer leaderboard level loot market mine opencrate profile rep repair slots transfer unequip useitem):
    A simulated currency system in Mantaro. Be one of the richest people in the global and seasonal position and enjoy mining, looting and achievements!
  • Image Commands (cat catgirl danbooru e621 gelbooru konachan rule34 safebooru yandere) See images from various boorus!
  • Game Commands (game trivia) Play interactive games yourself or with other people!
  • Other Commands :
    8ball avatar ban remindme birthday dice guildinfo help kick
    opts ping iam iamnot prune coinflip choose randomfact stats
    time lang birthday urban userinfo mute unmute
    With many more to discover!