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The WWE Bot™

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A multipurpose Discord bot that can make your server a bit more fun. for WWE fans and more.

Developer: ・YOONGBIN™#0017 

Prefix: w>

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Unique Commands:

➤Ability to back-up all messages and channels for your server with the w>backup command.

➤Can check if anyone on your server is on discord server bans or discordban list with the w>bancheck command.

➤Has a option to prevent all raids and advertising links with the w>antiraid and w>antilinkset

➤You can submit emojis through the bot with the w>reviewemoji command and even, do mod-logs by doing w>modlogset

➤You can even, make the bot go full on dictator-mode with the grenzpolizei command. ​ ​ ➤ And MUCH MORE! Just do w>commands for a list of commands.