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Ayaya is a multipurpose bot with informative, funny, action, moderation and music commands.

Developer: 小路綾#7541 

Prefix: a.

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Ayaya, the Kiniro Mosaic themed bot coded by 小路綾#7541 in Java. Built with 3 objectives in mind: to be useful, to be funny and to be kawaii. ^^

Ayaya provides useful tools in the shape of: moderation commands to kick, ban and mute; commands to manage roles and channels; informative commands to quickly display information from the server, channel, user or role; additional commands to convert units and currency and to get the avatar from anyone including you.

She also can keep you and your friends entertained with: the action commands that display funny cute anime gifs; the funny commands such as flipcoin, roll and others; the music system to let you and others listen to some music on a voice channel.

In short, she has the following features:

  • · 30+ action commands with gifs;
  • · Some funny/entertaining commands like roll, flipcoin, rate, rps and more;
  • · Informative commands to show details of the server, channels, roles and users;
  • · The moderation commands kick, ban, mute and unmute;
  • · Advanced roles and channels management commands;
  • · A music system with good music quality with youtube and soundcloud searching (some of the commands are premium only);
  • · And more features that will come in future updates.

You can check the whole list of commands by typing a.help.

To comply with the Discord ToS, Ayaya has a privacy policy. You can read it by typing a.privacypolicy.