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Developer: Chewey#1635 

Prefix: ! (customisable)

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Find our brand new dashboard with full auto moderation settings Here

Auto mod settings users can assign them selves roles with "role-me tag" or "role-list" to via all roles Auto block discord invites,Links Atuo role members on join, set caps limits, set mention limits per message

⚒ Moderation

role-me (tag)separate by a space
role-listlists all assignable roles on server
settingsview current settings on server
prefix-set (prefix)what you want the prefix to be on your server
welcome-message-update (message here)allows you to update welcome message (use $u to add ther name)
cleanup (number) @usercan use just a number to delete last x messages or add an @ to filter and delete messages by that user
you can do multiple mentions as well to filter out multiple people
rolesshows all roles on the server with all the role ID's
temp-ban (time) reason @mention (or attach multiple mentions to ban multiple)
mute (time) reason @mention (or attach multiple mentions to mute multiple)

🔧 Utilities

custom-discord (prefix) (permanent invite)Help Recommended For advanced usage +
prefix-getget current prefix on server (You can always mention Chewey Bot)
giveaway (time) (winners) (message)Starts a give away "giveaway 1d2h3m 1 message"
poll (time) (options)Time is optional, Display multiple options poll 1d2h3m Option 1|Option 2
event (time) (message)Allow users to get a ping when an event starts (react to be alerted)
remind (time) (what)sets a reminder time format 1d2h3m4s
remindersview all your reminders
mc-lookup (server address)Gets the current status of a Minecraft server
issGet the current position of the International Space Station
directions to='end' from='start'gets directions +
email(You can email people from Discord please read !help-email)
logo-lookup (website)lookup a websites logo
wikipedia (article)Search up a Wikipedia article
weather (placename), (country code)just place works some times
math (query)ask it any math question and have it solved +
isitdown (name here)get current status of a service many big companies and games are supported
exchange-rate (base currency)Gets the exchange rate base currency optional default USD
movie-lookup (title)Lookup any movie name
url-short (time) (url)get a small temporary short url
voteGets upvote link
avatar @mentionGets a users avatar and download link

🎱 Miscellaneous

gifmewhat you want
picmewhat you want
youtubewhat you want
ascii (what you want)find available ascii with !help-ascii
define (word/s)you can define any word to find what it means definitions from urban dictionary
suggest (what you want to see added)please note these need manual review so dont spam
coin-flipflips a coin
choose-list (options)separate values with , eg !choose-list hi,hello
jokegive you a joke
advicegives some random advice
fortunegive you some random fortune
useless-facta random useless fact
emojify (your message)turns your message into emoji letters
quotegets a random quote or do !qod to the quote of the day
profile-(robot/monster/robot-head/cat)Choose one and create your Discord user as one example use "!profile-cat"
8ball (question)Get the 8ball to answer your question
xkcdgets a random xkcd comic
qr-make (text)makes a QR code
fakeprofileCreates a fake profile
garfield-(random/latest/count)Choose one and get a garfield comic
achievement (text)Generate's minecraft style achievement get
genderize (name)Probability of a name being Male/Female
apodAstronomy Picture of the Day
apod-randomGets a random apod
chucknorisGets a chucknoris joke
explosmGet a random Explosm comic

🎮 Games

chesshow to play and more information best to read help first time +
questiongets a random question there also a global leaderboard +
tictactoeplay a game of TicTacToe +
game-countshows how many of what game are running right now
maze-make (number)Make a maze
sudoku-makeMake a sudoku game

💰 Economy

balanceget your balance
dailyClaim so free credit daily
claim3Claim every 3 hours for a reward
slot (amt)Earn even more with your credits

💵 Crypto

crypto-convert (amount) (from) (to)Convert crypto currencies (multiple to values like "ltc,btc") (command short ccv)
crypto-graph (from) (to)Graph currencies against each other (multiple to values like "ltc,btc") (ccg for short)
crypto-exchange (currency)List exchanges for a currency ( cce for short )

🤳 Game Profiles

clashroyale (your ID)gets your Clash Royale Stats
overwatch (your ID)gets your profile +

📷 Images

love (mention1) (mention2)love tester
spiro (inner width) (outer connections) (outer points)draws a spirograph eg try 100 3 20
= From Chewey bot API =
spacegets a random space picture
catgets a random cat picture
doggets a random dog picture
birbgets a random birb picture
naturegets a random nature picture
fantasy-artgets a random fantasy-art picture
planegets a random plane picture
ottergets a random otter picture
rabbitgets a random rabbit picture
snakegets a random snake picture
cargets a random car picture
turtlegets a random turtle picture
duckgets a random duck picture
pandagets a random panda picture
wolfgets a random wolf picture