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Love dressing up, shopping, DIY, and stories? Come to play Love Nikki, a dressing up fantasy!

Developer: giay#0810 

Prefix: .

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Love Nikki

Welcome to Love Nikki World. The first dressing game on Discord base on Love Nikki game.


You can shortcut command nikki to n and you can remove -

  • nikki-me ton-me
  • nikki-me to nme


Display all commands
Detail command .help <command>


Show your character currency


Show your character image


Roll free clothes
n-hyper-roll roll 10 times, VIP only

After you have clothes, wear it by command n-wear if you don't like it n-takeoff


A free chest with unlimited space


Check your closet/wardrobe, you can show your clothes with image by genre with n-genre

Free gift box

n-daily n-hourly vote

Another command

n-merge merge more clothes to a beautiful clothes
n-convert customize clothes to another color
n-evolution evol clothes to higher rarity
n-wish wish any clothes
n-enhance enhance 3 clothes with same genre and rarity to 1 clothes with higher rarity
n-reroll re-roll clothes to another clothes with same rarity


Battle with another user


Marry your lover but don't n-breakup with them


Make a great Stylist Association together


Check your cooldown action


Decompose clothes to get material


Exchange jewel to gold or power

Send to friend

n-give send clothes
n-transfer send currency


Check clothes info


Change name of your character


Do quest and receive gifts

And many more commands you can check in help