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Finn is a friendly bot with plugins such as music and moderation, Completely free

Developer: c4tzy#9999 

Prefix: !!

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Finn is a bot everyone needs for there server, Finn can play music, View what is playing, Skip songs, Ban members, prune channels, kick members, warn members and more!

Finn is growing and is used in many large servers!

Here are some of finns commands:

Music Plugin !!play [song keywords] Search for a song and play it !!volume [amount out of 100] Set the volume for everyone in the VC !!skip (optional amount) Skip some songs !!summon Summon the bot to your VC !!disconnect Disconnect the bot from your VC !!clearq Clear the bots queue !!nowplaying View the bots currently playing song Moderation Plugin !!ban [member] (optional reason) Bans a member from the server !!prune [amount] Prune messages from a channel !!kick [member] (optional reason) Kick a member from the server !!warn [member] (optional reason) Warn a member