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A highly customisable and modular discord bot with features such as giveaways, profiles, sticky roles, and a welcomer

Developer: 1Storm#0427 

Prefix: -

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- TheFakeWorld Bot -

  • Easily manage your server with a wide range of features!

  • Create sticky roles which will be re-applied if a user rejoins your server
  • Set up custom messages for when people join and leave your server
  • Set up a role that will automatically be applied when users join your server
  • Set your own prefixes for your community to use
  • A full moderation system with logs
  • Keep your community engaged!
  • Easily create giveaways with easy customisation
  • Create polls with up to 10 answers, including automatic strawpolls
  • A set of fun commands to lighen up the place

  • - Resources -

  • Read more about TheFakeWorld on our website
  • A list of commands with information is available on our docs
  • Support the bot through Patreon

  • - Support -

  • Need help? You can join our support server to ask questions, report bugs, and suggest new features
  • Use the #ask-for-help channel for fast support
  • You can find our support server at https://bot.thefakeworld.net/discord

    - Basic Commands -

    -help View all commands
    -prefix Configure a custom prefix for your server
    -prefixes Displays the current prefixes for the server
    -settings Change settings related to the bot
    -Setup Configure essential settings for the bot
    -stickyroles Access the sticky roles menu
    -autorole Access the auto role menu
    -giveaway Create a giveaway
    -welcomer Configure the welcoming system
    Look here for a list of all commands!