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Enhance your server and make it more fun! Add Aru, the personal angel that your server need!

Developer: AdrianTodt#0722 

Prefix: aru!

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Now with action commands and 100% clean unlocked music!

Add me today to get first-class unlocked music, 30+ action commands, 10+ image commands and much more delivered directly to your server!!

Hi, I'm Aru, the personal angel guardian that your server need!

I can provide you and your server with:

  • 99.9% uptime and support server with priority bug-fixing
  • First-class Music with unlocked volume and queue limit
  • More than 30 different Action Commands to make your chat more fun with cute anime gifs!
  • 14 Image Commands, providing your chat with cats, nekos, jibril gifs and even jojo references!
  • Fun Commands to help you roleplaying: choose, coin flipping, dice rolling and more!
  • HungerGames Simulator, where you make all the members of the server battle until the last man standing.

My Commands: (v2.3)

  • Music Commands: clearqueue forceplay forceplaynext forceplaynow nowplaying pause play playnext playnow queue removetrack repeat resume shuffle skip stop volume voteclearqueue votepause voteresume voteshuffle voteskip votestop
  • Action Commands: awoo beg bite bloodsuck blush cry cuddle dab dance drift eartease facedesk highfive holdhands hug kiss lewd lick meow necktease nom nuzzle owo pat poke pout punch shrug slap smile smug stare tease thinking thumbsup tickle wag
  • Games: gamehub
  • Image Commands: astolfo cat catgirl discordmemes dog hybrid jibril jojo megumin poi rem trap trapmemes wan
  • Fun Commands: choose coinflip dice ratewaifu
  • Imageboard Commands: danbooru e621 konachan rule34 safebooru yandere
  • Info Commands: about help invite ping stats
  • Utility Commands: avatar color poll