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A discord bot that helps you create embeds. Also plays you music.

Developer: MusicSounds#0059 

Prefix: em/ (Customisable)

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MusEmbed | Clean Embeds, Crisp Music

Prefix: em/ (customisable)

(admin-only command)*
[(essential arguments)]

This is a bot that can help you easily create embeds in your server. We also have music playing functionality.

General Commands
help, botinfo, serverinfo, ping, links, suggest

Embed Commands
embed [message], rawembed [message]*

Music Commands
play [name of music], pause, resume, skip, np, volume, queue, loop, stop*

Moderation Commands
kick [user], ban [user], purge [number], mute [user], unmute [user]

Server Configurations
showconf, setconf [item] [new value]

For more information, click here or use the help command after inviting.

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