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Music | Fun commands | 24/7 uptime

Developer: Nut#6142 

Prefix: =>

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Vortex is a multi-purpose bot


Info Commands:

 Command Usage Aliases Example
 =>Botinfo Shows Vortexs stats =>stats =>botinfo
 =>Uptime Shows how long Vortex has been Online # =>uptime
 =>Ping Shows Vortexs latency # =>ping

General Commands:

 Command Usage Aliases Example
 =>Avatar Gets others/yours profile picture # =>avatar @User
 =>Userinfo Gets Info about the user # =>userinfo @User
 =>Anime Gets Infomation about a anime show # =>anime anime_title

Moderator Commands:

 Command Usage Aliases Example
 =>Ban Ban a certain person on your server # =>ban @user reason
 =>Unban Unbans a user that was banned # =>unban userId
 =>Kick Kick someone from your server # =>kick @user reason
 =>Purge Delete a large amount of text from your server # =>purge #
 =>Poll Create a yes or no poll # =>poll question

Music Commands:

 Command Usage Aliases Example
 =>Play Plays music # =>play song
 =>Skip Skips the current song # =>skip
 =>Stop Stops the music # =>stop
 =>Queue Shows all the songs that is in the queue # =>queue
 =>Volume Changes the volume of the music # =>volume #
 =>Np Shows the current song that is playing # =>np
 =>Lyrics Finds the lyrics for a song # =>lyrics song
 =>Pause Pauses the song # =>pause
 =>Resume Resumes the song # =>resume
 =>Loop Loops the queue # =>loop

Stats Commands:

 Command Usage Aliases Example
 =>Osu Shows osu stats of a player # =>osu osu_nickname