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Probably the best management bot around!

Developer: JackTEK#6669 

Prefix: m. / @Mila#6910 / custom

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Mila is a Discord bot with the aim to super-charge every server she enters with powerful moderation, management and utility functions. She has as many moderation commands as you can think of, as super-flexible server configuration system with a built-in setup function to make it easier for newcomers and a handful of utility & fun commands that keep chat interesting.

What features does she have?

Here's a list of each and every feature that Mila has:
- Moderation tools
- Configuration tools
- Utility commands
- User-friendly interfaces
- Management tools

Convinced enough?

Convinced yet? Why not take a look at Mila's documentation site and see just how easy it is to super-charge your server with such power! You can find Mila's documentation site here and the guide will walk you through it, step by step.


Mila has a lot of commands, about 80 or so, because of this we can't fit them all into one big help embed. For this reason we built our command list on instead. The command list can be found here!