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KyeKillerBot is an multi-purpose bot that is easy to use and it can be customized to your liking.

Developer: KyeKiller#0420 

Prefix: k!

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- You can toggleevents by doing k!toggleevent <event> (Example: k!toggleevent messageDelete)

  • Our help list is also locked on to what your permissions are. So, if you have no permissions you won't be able to see the moderation commands when you run the command, but if you do have permissions you are able to see them when you run them.

  • Our help list also shows you the description of commands. (Example k!help say), that will return an help embed for that command only.


  • We have a lot of roleplay commands that roleplayers can enjoy.

  • Every command on the bot is carefully designed before public release.

  • The bot has an uptime of 99%, but will go down for maintenance time to time but very rarely.

  • The bot was just rewritten from the ground up.

  • We built the bot based on our users suggestions and feedback. (The feedback helps us improve the bot).


We have an advanced auto moderation system in place which can be enabled by going k!automod enable <the auto mod you want> You can enable any of these below:

  • antiInvites (Deletes any invite links sent),
  • antiTokens (Deleted any discord token sent inside the channels),
  • antiSelfBots (Detects any selfbots inside your server),
  • antiAttachments (Deletes any possible malicious files sent inside your server),
  • antiCaps (Deletes any message WITH CAP SPAM),
  • antiSpam (Detacts spammers inside your server)

For all commands and features do k!help