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A multifunctional Discord Bot providing moderation, fun, utilities commands and others..

Developer: PsyKo#3683 

Prefix: u! (or customizable)

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## UniX

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UniX is a Discord bot that lets you do a lot of things, from moderation to entertainment, even learning how to program. Developers make every effort to provide useful and original commands.

Available in 3 languages for now, which are English, Italian and French. Other languages will come in future versions. If you speak any language and want to help to the bot translation we ask you to apply as a translator on the form available in the main guild.

If the bot doesn't respond to the help command please allow him to send embed links, if the problem persist kick him from the server and invite him by this link click here.


The bot works with command modules that can be enabled and disabled. To manage them, consult modules menu via the command u!modules.

  • To get more details about how to use commands, do u!help <command>.
  • <> means required command parameter.
  • [] means optional command parameter.


Have you got a problem with one of the bot features? Contact our support by going on our Discord server, on our Twitter Support account or by sending us a mail.