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This discord bot has moderation, ticket general, and lots of fun commands

Developer: KingOfEnders#0001 

Prefix: ? | Customizabl

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  • List Of Ocean's Commands

    Help CommandsUsageAliasesDescription
    Help?help?cmdsDisplays the help menu.
    Main?help mainNot AvailableDisplays all of the main commands
    BotOwner?help botownerNot AvailableDisplays all of the botowner commands.
    Staff?help staffNot AvailableDisplays all of the staff commands.
    Fun?help funNot AvailableDisplays all of the fun commands.
    Tickets?help ticketsystemNot AvailableDisplays all of the ticketsyetm commands.
    BotOwner CommandsUsageAliasesDescription
    Invisible?setinvNot AvailableSets the bot to go into invisiable mode.
    Online?setonNot AvailableSets the bot to go into online mode.
    Do Not Disturb?setdndNot AvailableSets the bot to go into Maintenance/Devlopment mode
    Idle?setidleNot AvailableSets the bot to go into Idle mode.
    Eval?eval (script)Not AvailableEvaluates javascript code.
    Staff CommandsUsageAliasesDescription
    Mute?mute (@username) (reason is optional)Not AvailableMutes that user you mentioned.
    Tempmute?tempmute (@username) (reason is optional)Not AvailableTempmutes that user you mentioned
    Unmute?unmute (@username)Not AvailableUnmutes that user you mentioned.
    Clear Chats?clear (2 - 100)Not AvailableClears the chat so makes it look like nothing ever happened.
    Add Roles?addrole (@username) (role name)Not AvailableAdds a role to that user you mentioned.
    Remove Roles?removerole (@username) (role name)Not AvailableRemoves a role from that user you mentioned.
    Set Prefixes?setPrefix (your prefix)Not AvailableSets a new prefix that you would enjoy.
    Set Names?setName (your new name)Not AvailableSets a new name for the bot that you would enjoy.
    Set Topics?setTopic (your new topic)Not AvailableSets a new channel topic to what you would enjoy.
    Make The Bot Say Anything?say (your words)Not AvailableYou can control the bot and say anything you'll like too.
    Kick?kick (@username) (reason is optional)Not AvailableKicks that user you mentioned
    Ban?ban (@username) (reason is optional)Not AvailableBans that user you mentioned
    Warn?warn (@username) (reason is optional)Not AvailableWarns that user you mentioned
    Tempwarn?tempwarn (@username) (reason is optional)Not AvailableTempwarns that user you mentioned
    Unwarn?unwarn (@username)Not AvailableUnwarns that user you mentioned
    Unban?unban (user id)Not AvailableUnbans the user on what ID you have entered.
    Fun CommandsUsageAliasesDescription
    Urban?urban (phrase/word)Not AvailableSearches for a word on urban dictionary.
    randomUrban?randomUrban?rUrban (Coming Soon)Searches for a word on random urban dictionary.
    8ball?8ball (phrase/word)Not AvailableGives you an answer back on what you typed in.
    Roll?roll (your number)Not AvailableRolls between the number you put in.
    Coin?coinNot AvailableEither answers "Heads" or "Tails".
    Google(Broken) ?google (phrase)Not AvailableSearches for the pharse you entered (Command Broken ATM).
    Memes?memeNot AvailableGives you a random meme.
    Lovers?love (@username)Not AvailableFines the prefect love for you.
    CATS?catNot AvailableGENERATES RANDOM CATS!!!.
    TicketSystem CommandsUsageAliasesDescription
    Ticket?new (reason is optinal)Not AvailableCreates a ticket for support.
    Ticket?closeNot AvailableCloses the ticket when support is done.