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Hey, invite Musical today, for this best music in town!

Developer: KingOfEnders#0001 

Prefix: ~

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Hey you!, invite Musical to your server as it has the best Music in town, you can play any music that you like and enjoy. Musical will be very happy if it hits 300 Servers, ya... I know a big number but I believe you guys can hit that in less than a week or 2!

  • List Of Musical's Commands

    Music CommandsUsageAliasesDescription
    Help?helpNot AvailableDisplays the help menu.
    Play~play (URL or Name Of Song)Not AvailablePlays that song you really love.
    Skip~skipNot AvailableSkips that song you don't like.
    Stop~stopNot AvailableStops the bot completely and exits the voice room.
    Volume~volume (1 - 20)Not AvailableDisplays all of the fun commands.
    Now Playing~npNot AvailableSees what song is playing.
    Queue~queueNot AvailableShows your the lists of songs playing and whats next.
    Pause~pauseNot AvailablePauses the music.
    Resume~resumeNot AvailableResumes the music.