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Feature-rich, easy to use message quoting tool for all of your server needs.

Developer: Deivedux#0001 

Prefix: > or @Quote

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Stop self-botting, quote messages the legal way

| If you always wanted to quote user messages without getting in trouble for it, then Quote is what you need! | | --- | | Other than modifying your Discord client, you can make a bot to do it for you without any issues. |

What messages are supported?

  • Normal message with content, sent either by a normal user or any different bot.

  • Embed's color depends on the message author's color in the server by roles.

  • Message containing an image as an attachment will also be quoted, but if there are more than 1 attachments in 1 messages then all of them will be linked individualy (discord's limitations).

  • Rich Embed messages will not be quoted, and there will never be plans to add support for them.


If you'd like to selfhost Quote, you are more than welcome to by following one of the guides found in our Documentation Page.