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The bot sets the current count of members at its nickname.

Developer: error2507#2022 

Prefix: %

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MemberCounter is a simple Discord Bot that shows the current amount of members on a guild as its nickname on this guild.

Best way to use it

The best way to use it is to set MemberCounters role at top of all roles or at least over the Member role or whatever you have. Then set it as hoisted an you will right away see how many members your server has.


  • %help: Shows a help how to correctly set MemberCounter up and a list of all commands.
  • %update: When you believe MemberCounters nickname isn't showing the correct amount of member because of a downtime or whatever, use this command to update its nickname.
  • %invite: Shows the link to invite MemberCounter to your server and the invite link to MemberCounter support server.
  • %stats: Shows the bots stats on
  • %config: Configure the bot to your wishes.