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A multiple purpose bot that has fun, information, moderation commands, and logging features.

Developer: SUPERCHIEFYT#0001 

Prefix: e! or custom

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  • Channel: Create/Update/Delete
  • Role: Create/Update/Delete
  • Message: Update/Delete/DeleteBulk
  • Emoji: Create/Update/Delete
  • Member: Add/Update/Remove/Ban/Unban
  • User: Username/Discriminator/Avatar
  • Voice: Join/Switch//Leave

How to configure

  • e!config [type] [#channel] - To configure the log channels in the server
  • e!currency [thing] - To set the currency for the server
  • e!clearsetting - To clear a certain setting
  • e!toggle - To toggle a certain feature on or off.
  • e!prefix [newprefix] - To set the prefix for the server

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