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Wolfo Bump- The Best Bump Bot for Advertising Your Server

Developer: Glasvegas#0001 

Prefix: w!

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Wolfo Bump is the bump bot built to help you advertise your server!

With Wolfo Bump, you can advertise your server to all of our Partner servers every hour!


HelpCommandsGives you the list of commands.
LinksInviteProvides some useful links for the bot.
BumpN/ASends your advertisement to our partner servers
VbumpN/ASends your advertisement to the premium channel on our partner servers
setinfosetadSets your server advertisement
previewN/AAllows you to preview your advertisement before bumping
votecheckvoteAllows you to vote/check if you have voted
infostatsDisplays information and statistics about the bot
uptimeN/ADisplays the current uptime of the bot