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The Automatic Global Banning or Notification System needed to protect your guild!

Developer: Jack Hansen#1603 

Prefix: gb! (Customizable)

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What even is GlobalBanz?

Protect your server with GlobalBanz!

GlobalBanz automatically bans people upon them joining your guild and sends them a DM with information regarding their ban. GlobalBanz only bans people that are known and have been reported for advertising, spamming, raiding, impersonating, doxxing and people that really don't deserve a Discord Account.


Command Name Args Description
gb!help Shows you these commands but in a nice reaction navigated menu.
gb!about Tells you information regarding the bot itself.
gb!vote Allows you to vote for GlobalBanz on the listed websites.
gb!serverinfo Tells you information regarding your guild.
gb!prefix Allows you to change the bot's prefix.
gb!ping Gives you a nice ms ping response.
gb!invite Sends the invitation link for the bot.
gb!banned [@user/user id/none] Allows you to check if the user is Globally Banned or not.
gb!check Allows anyone with the 'BAN_MEMBERS' permission to check existing Guild members for their GlobalBan Status.
gb!mode [ban/warn] Allows anyone with the 'MANAGE_GUILD' permission to switch modes of GlobalBanz.
gb!loggingchannel [#channel/clear] Allows anyone with the 'MANAGE_GUILD' permission to set the logging channel where notifications from GlobalBanz will be sent.

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