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Developer: Brickmaster#3077 

Prefix: ^ (customizable

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Master Bot

You don't know the prefix? just mention the bot @MasterBot and you will get the prefix.

Commands Description Category
 ^Info  Show bot info  Bot Information
 ^Stats  Show bot statistics  Bot Information
 ^Invite  Get bot's invite link  Bot Information
 ^Ping  Get bot's ping  Bot Information
 ^Changelog  Get latets update log  Bot Information
 ^Pause  Pause Song  Music
 ^Loop  Looping Current Queue  Music
 ^Lyrics  Show Lyric Of Song  Music
 ^Play  Playing Song  Music
 ^Pause  Pause Song  Music
 ^Stop  Stopping Song  Music
 ^Skip  Skipping Song  Music
 ^Resume  Resume Song  Music
 ^NowPlaying  Display Playing song  Music
 ^Queue  Display Queue Song  Music
 ^Volume  Set Volume Song  Music
 ^Airhorn  Playing Airhorn Sound  SoundBoard
 ^20th  Playing 20th Sound  SoundBoard
 ^Airhorn  Playing Airhorn Sound  SoundBoard
 ^Cena  Playing Cena Sound  SoundBoard
 ^Clap  Playing Clap Sound  SoundBoard
 ^Duck  Playing Duck Sound  SoundBoard
 ^Friendzone  Playing Friendzone Sound  SoundBoard
 ^Funnylaugh  Playing Funnylaugh Sound  SoundBoard
 ^Kidslapped  Playing Kidslapped Sound  SoundBoard
 ^Pip  Playing Sensors Sound  SoundBoard
 ^Sad  Playing SAD Sound  SoundBoard
 ^Troll  Playing Troll Sound  SoundBoard
 ^Trombone  Playing Trombone Sound  SoundBoard
 ^Addrole  Added Role User  Administration
 ^Autonick  Automatically Change Nick  Administration
 ^Autorole  Automatically Added Role  Administration
 ^Ban  Ban user from guild  Administration
 ^Goodbye  Goodbye Image  Administration
 ^Kick  Kick user from guild  Administration
 ^Mute  Mute user  Administration
 ^Removerole  Playing Trombone Sound  Administration
 ^Tempmute  Temporary mute user  Administration
 ^Purge  Delete number of messages  Administration
 ^Serverlog  Show Logs Of Server  Administration
 ^Welcome  Welcome Image  Administration