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Discord bot that can post server(s) icon to chat & more.

Developer: Ford#1840 

Prefix: +

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Blex was focused only for Project Blex server, but Barry#2019 decided to make the bot public.

Commands: Prefix: + userinfo: Gets information about mentioned user. serverinfo: Gets information about current server. say: You can make bot say things. Example: +say Hello. embed: You can make bot send embed message with a timestamp. setuplogs: Will make channel named "blex-modlogs". (Bot will send kick & ban messages there) ban & kick: Ban bans @user obviously, kick kicks @user obviously. avatar: Bot sends @user's avatar to current channel. servericon: ^ same thing but sends server's icon to current channel. changelog: Updates. stats: Sends bot's stats.

Suggest: Sends suggestion to devs. Bugreport: sends message to devs.

(Info will be edited someday)