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Shizue is a multi-functional bot featuring a lot of general, moderation, economy, pets, profile tools and fun commands.

Developers: sharosky#1337 matter#0101

Prefix: s!

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Your main question is why would I use Shizue?
It's a pretty decent bot on the moderation side as well as the social one, you can do quite a lot with Shizue such as having a pet, setting a description, an age and gender for your profile and also you could customize with badges.


Our bot has a lot of customization for your server like welcomer, modlogs and custom prefix.


Our bot has a profile system which you can edit it and make it look however you want! Our bot also has an pets system that you need to feed them and give them water, you can buy yourself a pet from the bot's shop.

Much more

Our bot has a lot of helpful commands behalf customization and social like fun or utility.