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A cryptocurrency Discord chat bot.

Developer: LewisTehMinerz#1337 

Prefix: crypto

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CryptoBot is a cryptocurrency bot that allows you to:

  • Save your cryptocurrency addresses
  • View your own and other people's addresses
  • Generate a QR code so that people can pay you money
  • Get a coin's price

Supported currencies can be viewed by using crypto coins.

Setting an address for a currency is easy. Just type crypto address

. Here's an example: crypto address dogecoin DJhUipi4UJCcbMk5h91cZWtPrXdHyfygm7

This does do validation checks so that you can't put in a malformed address!

A vCurrency (CBC) is in CryptoBot, too. Run the command crypto v to get more details.

Here's some images:


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