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Managing your server and keeping your members entertained have now became easier. Bump advertisements, music and more!

Developer: SunSOG#0972 

Prefix: >< (Customizable)

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Main Features:

1. Moderation commands 2. Fun commands 3. Basic commands 4. Welcome and goodbye messages 5. Weather checker 6. Role Management 7. Levelling 8. Basic games that you can play while chatting with your friends (UPDATING!) 9. Roblox Verification (FIXED!) 10. AI Talking 11. Bump Advertisements (NEW!) 12. etc.

Why Codiac?

"Why should I use Codiac over other bots?" you may ask. Well, Codiac is not perfect, so you might need other bots to make your server amazing. Let's get back to the original topic then. Codiac is a multi-functional bot that has many features and those main ones are listed on top. Codiac's partner/bump feature is not too overpowered like some other partner/bump bots are. You need to bump your server yourself every 20 minutes or else no bump advertisements of your server will be sent. Besides, Codiac updates frequently and have a fast support speed. If you report a bug, you should expect it to be fixed after 1 or 2 days. On the other hand, Codiac have a calculation command - ><duel . Or you can challenge a NPC by typing >Enjoy!