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Vote Tracker

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Track Votes for your own Servers or Bots! Vote Reminders & Reward voting users with a custom role + remove the role a

Developer: Xavinlol#0001 

Prefix: dbl?

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Vote Tracker
Track votes for your own Servers or Bots and reward your users with a configured role (optional).

We have support for common bot/server lists ;)

Bot Role

Make sure the bot got a seperate role (other than the @everyone role) on your Server! If you invite me through my Invite Link i get a new Role called "Vote Tracker" assigned from Discord


It's as simple as typing "dbl?setup" in any text-channel and answer the questions you'll get from the bot.

The set command is only available to the Server owner and people with the Administrator Permission
The default prefix is 'dbl?' which you can change 'dbl?help prefix' for details.


During setup you can configure a role which will be granted to users for a given time if they vote for your product. It's possible to set different reward roles for your server/bots.


During setup you'll get the chance to specify a channel in which all votes will get tracked, so you'll always see who supports you & your product :)

Prefix (dbl?prefix newPrefix)

For example: dbl?prefix ! would change the prefix to !

Help Menu

'dbl?help' will show all available commands. 'dbl?help commandName' will show you the details of a specific command


A person with the Admin permission (or the Server Owner) can execute every Admin command and below
Everyone else can execute the Everyone commands. Once again to list all commands: dbl?help


If you find any bugs, need help or want to share feedback and/or feature requests feel free to join the Support Server and have a chat