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YouTube Bot

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Broadcast your favorite music... but on Discord!

Developer: HiiZun#7355 

Prefix: yt*

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Welcome to📡 YouTube Bot 🎶


YouTube bot is a free music bot since 2018 !

what do you can do with !

Music Start music, volume, skip, shuffle, loop and more 🔊 !
Multilanguage support 🇺🇸/🇹🇫 Hello ? Hallo ? Bonjour ? Change the language of the bot easly ! your language isn't here ? join our support and help us to translate your bot !
Completly customizable change the prefix, change the notification channel, make the music play embed more small ? everything is here !
Radio 24/7 (⭐) Play a radio in a specific channel, the bot will stay in lifetime !
Notifier Stay on you favourite youtuber by receving a notification at each new video which he will post
Filters Want a music more BASSBOOSTED ? or more vaporwave ? enjoy our list of filters !

and more !

Need help setting up the bot?

Join our support server discord.gg/stUcGXw & and contact an support or contact us on the discord server

Want to move up a gear ?

Support us by buying a premium licence

You can invite the bot for yourself here: Invite Link

Want to test out the bot before adding it? Join here: discord.gg/stUcGXw


the bot has too much commands to show it here

please use the command "yt*help"

to get every commands in the bot

if you want help of a specific command please use "yt*help <the command>"


Other Questions

bot's support

Are any new features planned?

Yes, there are a few features that are planned, for add more commands and somes uniques features