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A counting bot that counts members, users, bots with the help of voice channels

Developer: rb08081#5441 

Prefix: m-

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Member Counter Bot

A counting bot that counts members, users, bots with the help of voice channels

Easy Setup

Only one command is needed for the setup of bot, m-setup

Fast Response and No Downtime

With the help of fastest system we give faster response for every command and we keep our eyes on bot for no downtime issue.

Lifetime free with premium features

We allow you to set custom name of your counter for free.

New Updates

We are giving updates to bot every week which introduction any new feature or give booster to bot. Join our support server for information

Bot Commands

m-helpSend all command in server as message
m-setupCreate User, Bot and Member counter channels
m-set <user, bot, member> <new name of counter>Change name of counter. Use help command to know about this command in detail
m-inviteGet invite link of bot for your server
m-supportGet invite link of support server
m-pingShow ping rate of bot
m-botinfoShow information about bot