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DeathRow is an easy-to-use bot with commands that can be used for fun, moderation, utility, and more!

Developer: DeathRow#1914 

Prefix: -

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Moderation Commands
- kick, ban, purge, report, addrole, removerole, createchannel, mutechannel, unmutechannel, tempmute
Fun Commands

  • 8ball, rps, kill, hug, youtube, avatar, math, roll, youtube, randomcolor, randomjoke, randomsentence, randompicture, visualisehex, dadjoke

    Utility Commands

  • ping, userinfo, serverinfo, invite, about, upvote

    NSFW Commands

  • anal, ass, gif, hentai, holo, lewd, pussy, thigh

Animal Commands

  • Dog, Duck, Panda, Penguin, bunny