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Extremely powerful moderation bot with it's own global ban list, moderation, autorole, management, and other tools.

Developer: Pyxel 💞#5077 

Prefix: p.

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Prism is a moderation bot written in JavaScript using Discord.JS
It's main function is to essentially lock down any server it's in through a server configuration
It enables staff with a specific role to essentially use any functionality they need
The bot is under constant development and may go offline for a split second
However the bot automatically starts back up if a crash or update has been pushed

How To Use Prism's Permission System

You must have the admin permission to setup the guild configuration first,
afterwords you can setup the autorole, as well as the moderator role, the moderator role is needed
for the moderator commands, as it checks to see if the user has the role before running the command.

Commands And Usage

Command Description Usage Permission
destroy Restart The Bot's Connection p.destroy Bot Developer
eval Runs A Javascript Snippet p.eval <script> Bot Developer
bandb Manages The Global Ban Database p.bandb <approve/reject> <user id> Bot Developer
blacklist Manages The Bot's User Blacklist p.blacklist <add/remove> <user id> Bot Developer
database Manages The Bot's Database p.database <set/delete/get> <path> <value> Bot Developer
cmd Custom Developer Command Management p.cmd <add/remove/list> <command name> <script> Bot Developer
setup Initializes The Guild's Configuration p.setup Administrator
role Sets The Role With Permissions To Prism p.role <role name> Administrator
channel Sets The Bot's Logging Channel <channel name> Moderator
kick Kicks A User From The Guild p.kick <mention> <reason> Moderator
ban Bans A User From The Guild p.ban <mention> <reason> Moderator
hackban Bans A User From The Guild By Id p.hackban <user id> <reason> Moderator
purge Removes A Specified Amount Of Messages From A Channel p.purge <1-100> Moderator
scan Scans The Guild For Globally Banned Users p.scan Moderator
banlist Toggles The Banlist Config Option p.banlist <enable/disable> Moderator
warn Gives A User A Warning p.warn <mention> <reason> Moderator
warns Lists The Warns A User Has Or Clear Their Warns p.warns <mention> [--clear] Moderator
filter Toggles The Filter Config Option p.filter <enable/disable> Moderator
filters Manages The Filters In The Guild p.filters <create/delete/list/clear> <content> Moderator
bypass Manages The Filter Bypassed Users In The Guild p.bypass <add/remove/list> <mention> Moderator
antispam Manages The Antispam Config Option p.antispam <enable/disable/count/time> [number] Moderator
antiraid Manages The Antiraid Config Option p.antispam <enable/disable> Moderator
softban Bans And Unbans A User From The Guild, Erasing Their Messages p.softban <mention> <reason> Moderator
gban Adds A User To The Global Ban List To Be Approved p.gban <mention> <reason> | <proof> Moderator
autorole Sets The Autorole Config Option p.autorole <role name> Administrator
blind Gives A User A Role With No Permissions p.blind <user id> Moderator
unban Unbans A User From The Guild By Id p.unban <user id> Moderator
unblind Unblinds A User And Restores Their Roles p.unblind <user id> Moderator
massban Ban A Mass Amount Of Ids From The Guild p.massban <user ids> Moderator
help Gives You A List Of Commands, Or Info On A Command [command] Guild Member
config Gives You The Current Guild Configuration p.config Guild Member
baninfo Gets Information On A User's Global Ban p.baninfo <user id> Guild Member
invite Gives You Prism's Invite URL p.invite Guild Member
status Gives You Information On The Bot Itself p.status Guild Member
info Gets Information On You Or Another Member [mention] Guild Member