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Lofi Radio

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Lofi Radio gives you lofi beats 24/7 with many different stations to pick from.

Developer: Parcanss#0941 

Prefix: +

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Lofi Radio
Listen to Lo-Fi radio stations.

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Lofi Radio gives you the ability to listen to Lo-Fi. With over 200 different songs in our radios, in ultra high quality audio quality; all for free.
Command Description Example Usage
+help Show a list of commands +help
+play Bot joins your voice channel and plays Lo-Fi. +play (while in voice channel)
+stop Bot leaves your voice channel and stops playing Lo-Fi. +stop (while in voice channel)
+prefix (prefix) Changes the command prefix for the bot to whatever you desire. +prefix ! (changes the prefix to exclamation mark)
+volume (0-100) Change the volume of the Lo-Fi from between 0-100 volume. +volume 50 (makes the volume half as loud)
+np See what song is currently playing. +np
+history See the past 5 songs played on the bot. +history
+stats or +server See bot or server statistics about Lo-Fi. +stats
+invite Get an invite link to invite the Lo-Fi bot to another server. +invite