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Web's Project bot - Fun | Logging | General | and more!

Developer: YotamWeb#7898 

Prefix: W!


Web's Project Bot Description
## General Info

Prefix: W! (Default - can be changed) - mention the bot for the current server prefix.

A fun bot, moderation commands and more. The bot is currently in beta, and in the near future, I'll be adding moderation commands.

Commands Overview:

General Commands:

  • W!HELP: Shows the command list of the bot.
  • W!PING: The bot's ping.
  • W!EMBED: Making a custom embed.
  • W!FEEDBACK: Send a feedback and ideas about the bot.

Info Commands:

  • W!UPTIME: The bot's uptime.
  • W!INFO: General info about the current channel and the server.

Fun Commands:

  • W!8BALL: Generates a random answer.
  • W!SAY: Make the bot say whatever you tell him.
  • W!GAY: Tests if the target user is gay or not.
  • W!AVATAR __: Sends an avatar of a certain user or your's.

Staff Commands:

  • W!PREFIX: View and change the prefix.
  • W!CONFIG: View and change the config.
  • W!SETNICK: Change the target user nickname.


  • W!CREATOR: Views the bot creator.