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The best butler you'll ever have!

Developer: Dutchy#6127 

Prefix: c? (customizable)

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Charles is the best butler you've ever seen!

# Charles is here, ready to help you with anything you need!

The goal I have set for Charles is to make it a very customizable multi-purpose bot.

All modules and categories are modular in Charles. Meaning, if, for example, you only want music, you can comletely shut down all other modules!

What can Charles do?

  • Music (with custom playlists feature)
  • Moderation
  • Reaction Roles
  • Fun
  • Games (like Who's That Pokémon? and Guess The Anime)
  • Image manipulation
  • Utility
  • Informative (Detailed info about users/servers)
  • Logging
  • Enable/Disable commands
  • Multi-language
  • Customizable embed color
  • Welcoming/Leaving messages
  • Joinroles
  • Roasts (including abiltity to add your own roasts)

Soon to come:

  • Economy
  • Movie search
  • Anime search
  • Server management (like add-channel, add-role, edit-role, etc)
  • set an AFK
  • And much more!

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