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VIP - universal and easy to use Discord bot - moderation, role management, utilities, entertainment, music and much more

Developer: "Ṿersaria"#0001 

Prefix: *

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A multi-functional VIP bot with server management, administration tools, various utilities, entertainment and many other teams.


  • MANAGER - prefix, informational roles, server status, ping, auto answer, logs, polling, mailing, delivery and role selection.
  • INFO - information about the server, user, roles, statuses, weather, bot.
  • MODERATION - varn, kick, ban, unban, violation information, cleaning violations and messages.
  • MINI GAMES - tic-tac-toe, sea battles, fishing, roulette, coins.
  • FUN - a ball of questions, delivery, memes.
  • LOTIONS - say embed, avatar, report.
  • EMOTIONS - are many different emotions.
  • ECONOMY - dailik, balance and transfer of coins.
  • MUSIC - full musical control.

To see the full list of commands write *help

For bot support, go to development server