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This Is Useful Bot!

Developer: Aesculapius⚕#7915 

Prefix: =

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:gear:Hey Im Noxi And This Is My Commends!:
My Prefix Is =

Info Commands-

=owners - The Bot Owners! =invitebot - Send A link To Invite Noxi To Your Server! =noxiserver - Send Link To Noxi Support Discord Server! =welcomehelp - To See All Of Items For The Welcome And Bye Code! =musichelp - Send The Music Commends! =servers - Send All The Servers The Bot In!

General Commands-

=8ball - Random Answer For Question! =report [@username] [Reason] - Report User For Anything! =membercount - To See How Much Users You Have On Your Discord Server! =ping - To See The Bot Ping! =say [Anything] - The Bot Say What You Write! Read Note Below! =avatar [@username] - Send Big User Image! =musichelp - Send The Music Commends! =clear - Clear Message For You! =fakemsg [@username] - Send Message As The Player You Tag! Read Note Below!

Help Commends-

=welcomehelp - Send All The Welcome Commends! =musichelp - Send All The Music Commends!


If You Want To Use The Say And The Fakemsg Commend You Need To Open New Role Called Support.

If You Need Help I Recommend To Join My Support Server Here!