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A bot with commands ranging from cryptography, fun, and a bit of math & moderation

Developer: AndrewEathan#8783 

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A bot with useful features

This bot has 6 categories of commands: Basic, Moderation, Extra, Fun, Cryptography and Math.

Basic commands include commands mostly about the bot.

Moderation commands include commands such as kick, ban, lockdown, and a few more.

Extra commands include ways to contact the bot owner and/or send feedback about the bot to help improve it.

Fun commands include coin flipping, tags, rock paper scissors, and so on!

Cryptographic commands include decoding and encoding of popular ciphers such as playfair, base64, but also includes SHA-512 hashing, base32 and many more.

Math commands only include divisors and primes, but more will be added.

A bot created by AndrewEathan#8783.