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Simple bot with moderation, fun and roleplay commands.

Developer: whenwefalltosleep_wheredowego#2783 

Prefix: a!

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Amaranth is a great bot, that'll help you with your personal needs, but not in real life of course. Amaranth is made for moderation and fun, hopefully, to create joy and the entertainment that some other bots may not have. We're currently trying gain in 2019 - At least a hundred to three hundred, -Amaranth carries commands for -We have

Music commands: play, skip, stop, pause, resume, np, volume, decrypt, encrypt.

Roleplay: smoke, hug, pat, slap, kiss, givecandy, coinflip, ratewaifu.

Fun: dog, cat, gifs, slot, quiz, pizza, poll, 8ball, meme, rolldice, weather, timer.

Economy: work, store, daily, bal.

Utility: settings, serverinfo, userinfo.

-That's just a half of what we might offer! Hopefully, you enjoy the bot that I've developed! I love you all, thanks again for choosing Amaranth!