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Support your members with a bot that isn't offline. ☕

Developer: Noah#3400 

Prefix: -

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# Coffee

The actually alright ticket bot.

A bot that helps you help. Completely free and easy to use, just like it should be.


  • âš¡ Online --- 99.9% overall uptime, online whenever you need it.
  • 🎫 Familiar --- No more complex subcommands, we use a system your users are familiar with, the infamous -new.
  • ❤️ Honest --- Coffee is 100% free and donation powered, and we expect it to stay that way.
  • 🏆 Trusted --- A growing amount of servers use Coffee to keep their members happy, and it works.
  • 📝 Tested --- Every release goes through rigorous testing for both performance and reliability before it's deployed.

Getting started with Coffee:

  1. Create a support role
  2. Run the setup command (-setup <@support-role-here>).
  3. Create a ticket. (-new)

🎉 Now users can create tickets with -new when they need support. That's it.


Command Example Purpose
-help - Shows all commands and their purpose.
-new -new Help please! Creates a ticket.
-close - Closes the ticket that the command is ran in.
-add <user-id> -add 168766548725596160 Adds the user to the ticket. Getting user IDs
-setup <@support-role> -setup @Support Creates ticket category and sets up guild for support.
-config - View the guilds configuration.
-invite - Get a bot invite link!

Ready to move on and start helping?

Stop waiting. Start helping. Your members won't thank you enough. Make the switch.

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Made with ❤️ & ☕ by Noah#3400 using the discord.js library.