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Discord assistant for donation tracking, searching players, clans, current war, war log, cwl roster and much more.

Developer: SUVAJIT#5580 

Prefix: *

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Tracks your clan donation and shows you information about clans, players and clan wars.

Setup Guide

ClashPerk requires the following permissions to be usable:

  • Read Messages
  • Add Reactions
  • Read Message History
  • Send Messages
  • Embed Links
  • Use External Emojis
  • Attach Files

To setup the tracker, create a channel for it.
Then, use the start <tag> [channel] [color] command to set it to that channel.
This command requires the Manage Guild permission to be usable.
This channel and color are totally optional.
If you don't provide a channel & color, it picks the current channel and this (#8387DB) color.
If you want to set a color, please use the full format (must mention a channel before color) of the command.
To edit the color of embed, use the edit <tag> <color> command.


To stop tracking for a specific clan, use the stop <tag> command.
To stop tracking all clans, use the stop-all command.
This command requires the Manage Guild permission to be usable.


To view tracking details & settings on your server, use the settings command.
To view details of a player, use the player <tag> command.
To view details of a clan, use the clan <tag> command.
To view details of of your clan weight, use the clan-weight <tag> command.
To view last 10 war log of your clan, use the warlog <tag> command.


Use the blacklist <user> to disallow someone from using the clash commands on your server.
This command requires the Manage Guild permission to be usable.
You can use it again on the same user to remove them from the blacklist.

Use the prefix <prefix> command to change prefix.
This command requires the Manage Guild permission to be usable.
You can also mention the bot to use commands.

For more information about ClashPerks, check out about and stats.
Invite ClashPerks to your server with invite.



  • clan - clash of clans clan lookup command.
  • thcompo - calculates your clan war weight.
  • edit - edits the color of embed for a clan.
  • player - clash of clans player lookup commnad.
  • settings - shows all tracking details of your guild.
  • start - starts tracking in a channel.
  • stop - stops tracking for a clan.
  • stop-all - stops tracking all clans on the server.
  • warlog - clash of clans war log lookup command.


  • facts - displays random clash of clans facts.
  • meme - receives random clash of clans memes.
  • vote - gives you the link to vote for clashperks.


  • about - shows information about the bot.
  • blacklist - blacklists or unblacklists someone from using commands on the server.
  • donate - gives you the link to support/doante for clashperks.
  • guide - shows information about how to use bot.
  • help - displays a list of commands or information about a command.
  • invite - gets the bot invite link.
  • ping - pings me!
  • prefix - displays or changes the prefix of the guild.
  • stats - displays statistics about the bot.


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