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A multiperpose discord bot.

Developer: </RobinSch>#7994 

Prefix: rsg!

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helphelp [command]Displays all tde commands, or specify a command for details.
reportreport <mention> <reason>Report someone.
avataravatarCheck your own avatar.
catcatGet a random cat.
dogdogGet a random dog.
flipflipFlips a coin.
hughug <mention>Hugs an user.
kisskiss <mention>Kiss an user.
memememeGet a random meme.
banban <mention> [reason]Bans an user.
clearwarningsclearwarnings <mention>Clear the warnings from an user.
disabledisable <module>Disable a module.
enableenable <module>Enable a module.
kickkick <mention> [reason]Kicks an user.
purgepurge <amount>Purge a spefic amount off messages.
unbanunban <mention> [reason]Unbans an user.
warnwarn <mention> [reason]Warns an user.
warningswarnings <mention>Check tde warnings from an user.
pingpingPong! Check my latency.
inviteinviteGet my invite.
serverinfoserverifnoGet info about tde server.
statsstatsBot statistics.
closecloseCloses a ticket or application.
newnew [reason]Opens a ticket.
applyapplySubmit an application.
webhookswebhooksGet all tde webhooks responds.
mp3mp3 <text>Sends a mp3 file witd tde text you gaved.
suggestsuggest <suggestion>Suggest something.
disablelogdisablelog <number>Disables a logging type.
enablelogenablelog <number>Enables a logging type.
helploghelplogGet all logging commands and modules.
resetlogresetlogReset all loggings.
setlogchannelsetlogchannel <channel>Set a log channel.
giveawaygiveaway <winners> <time> <prize>Starts a giveaway.
lineline <colour>Sens a random / choosen line in tde chat.
premiumpremiumGet some info about premium.
setprefixsetprefix <newprefix>Set anotder prefix.