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An active devlopment bot with many features to come

Developer: StarrFox#6312 

Prefix: dc!

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Discord Chan

>Discord chan is currently being developed,

and will be getting new commands fairly often

Snipe commands

dc!snipe (list)shows you deleted/edited commands (can provide a channel to snipe from), the list subcommand list all the snipes in a channel

General commands

dc!tobinaryconverts text to binary
dc!frombinaryconverts binary code to text
dc!msgrawreturns the raw message json
dc!invitesends the invite link for the bot
dc!pingcheck the bots latency and process time
dc!quotesend a message as someone else (admin)
dc!sayhave the bot send a message (channel option as admin)

Info commands

dc!infoview vaious info about the bot
dc!serverinfoview info about the current server
dc!userinfoview info about a user
dc!sourceget the github repo link

Moderation commands

dc!prefix (add/remove)list, add, and remove prefixes (supports up to 10)
dc!cleanclean's Discord Chan's messages
dc!purgePurges messages (can provide optional text or author checks)