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Blitz Bot, here to server all your moderation needs.

Developers: Neon (B.C.M.)#5920 FHGDev#8527

Prefix: b!

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The Offical Blitz Productions Bot, co made by FHGDev.


  • Role Management,
  • Moderation,
  • Social,
  • Utility

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This is all commands for BlitzBot! The prefix is b!

1. uptime :

This command shows the uptime of the bot.

2. info :

This command shows the bot info.

3. sinfo :

This command shows the server info.

4. uinfo :

This command shows the user info.

5. owners :

This command shows the owners of the bot.

6. support :

This command shows the support server details.

7. ping :

This command shows you the ping of the bot.

8. reportbug :

This command allows you to send us info of bugs.

9. kick :

This command allows you to kick people.

10. tempmute :

This command allows you to mute people, doesn't need a muted role.

11. addrole :

This command allows you to add a role to someone

12. delrole :

This command allows you to delete a role to someone