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Giveaway Boat

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FunWeb DashboardUtilityInternational

Giveaway Bot • Stable • Upto 100 Days Long Giveaways • Infinite Amount of Giveaways • Message | Role Requirement

Developer: Awesome Stickz#9689 

Prefix: g.

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Giveaway Boat is a discord bot made to help you create, delete, reroll, end giveaways and much more within your own server easily!

Giveaway Boat is not like other bots to restrict you from a particular amount of giveaways in your server. You can create as many giveaways as you want and you can create giveaways that lasts upto 100 days for free!

It has many options to manage giveaways very easily like:

  • Giveaway Create
  • Giveaway Delete
  • Giveaway End
  • Giveaway Edit Image, Thumbnail (Set image or thumbnail to a giveaway embed!!)
  • Giveaway Entry (Set multiple entries to different roles)
  • Giveaway ID (Sends you the Giveaway ID every time you create a giveaway)
  • Giveaway Lock Messages (Set message requirement for a giveaway)
  • Giveaway Lock Role (Set role requirement for a giveaway)
  • Giveaway Lock Server (Set server requirement for a giveaway)
  • Giveaway Reroll
  • Hosted By (Set the Giveaway Host in the Giveaway message embed)
  • Message Counter (Count your server member's messages)
  • Logger (Logs all activities that someone does using the bot so you know who does what!)
  • Leaderboard for Message Counts!
  • Permit Role (Only allow a particular role to use commands)
  • Ping Role (Ping a role)
  • Random Member (Select a random member from a role)
  • Set Prefix (Change the bot's prefix in your server)

And so much coming soon:

  • Giveaway Lock Invites (Set invites requirement for a giveaway)
  • Giveaway Lock Voice (Set voice requirement for a giveaway)
  • Pretty good website to have these as detailed as possible