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BoggieBot is a advanced bot with many cool functions.

Developer: Boogie#8197 

Prefix: .b [customizabl

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Welcome To BoogieBOT We were coded in discord.js and created by @Boogie#8197 Our default prefix is .b but you can customizable it. Our Commands: General Commands avatar, fnstats, info, invite, leaderboard, penis, rank, roast, roles, say, saydm, serverinfo, userinfo and vote. Moderation Commands admins, ban, bans, giverolem hackban, kick, mute, purge, rolesinfo, removerole, unban, unhackban, unmute and voicekick. Music Commands join, leave, pause, play, queue, resume, skip and stop. Config mod logs welcome togglelevel (true/false) setwelcome (mention channel optional welcome message) Many more commands will be added soon.