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FunGamesWeb Dashboard

A bot that lets you have Item Shop, News Feed and more sent to your server, and lets you control your Fortnite Account.

Developer: Liimiitz#1538 

Prefix: !

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What is Fortniters?

Fortniters lets you have the Item Shop, News Feed (BR, Creative, and STW), Server Status, Blog Posts, Playlists, Featured Islands and New Cosmetics sent automatically to your server using our dashboard.

You can edit your server settings on our Dashboard

You can also control your Fortnite account from the bot like buying or gifting any cosmetic from the Item Shop, claim your daily login reward or have it claim automatically at 12am UTC, check your V-Bucks balance, create an image of your cosmetics from the locker, and even more features below.


  • • Buy or Gift a cosmetic from the Item Shop
  • • Buy the current Battle Pass, Battle Pass bundle or buy a Battle Pass tier.
  • • Claim your daily login reward on Save The World or have it automatically claimed at 12am UTC.
  • • Check your V-Bucks balance.
  • • Change your V-Bucks platform.
  • • Create an image of your cosmetics from the locker.
  • • Get your Account Information sent to your DMs.
  • • Get your 10 Oldest and 10 Newest receipts sent to your DMs.
  • • Change your homebase name for Save The World.
  • • Change your Support-A-Creator code in the Item Shop.
  • • Cancel an Item Shop purchase before an hour after purchase.
  • • Add/Remove a friend.
  • • Reject an incoming friend request or Cancel an outgoing friend request.
  • • Get all your friends.
  • • Get all your incoming friend requests.
  • • Get all your outgoing friend requests.
  • • Remove all your friends.
  • • Accept/Reject all your incoming friend requests.
  • • Create an image for:
    • > Battle Royale News Feed
    • > Creative News Feed
    • > Save The World News Feed
    • > Limited Time Mode Playlists
    • > Recently New Cosmetics
    • > Creative Featured Islands
    • > Lifetime and Season Statistics
    • > Season Battle Pass
    • > XP Coins location
  • • Weekly Battle Pass cheatsheets provided by TheSquatingDog.
  • • Random Drop Location.
  • • Get your next battle pass reward.
  • • Display information for a Creative Island.
  • • Display information for the current active tournaments. (currently only EU)
  • • Display information for a redemption code from Epic Games.
  • • Display information for a Support-A-Creator code.
  • • Display information for your fish statistics.


  • !Accinfo
  • !Vbucks
  • !Buy
  • !Config
  • !Daily
  • !Friends
  • !Homebase
  • !Locker
  • !Login
  • !Logout
  • !Platform
  • !Playlist
  • !Receipts
  • !SAC
  • !Undo
  • !Battlepass
  • !Creator
  • !Island
  • !Check
  • !Stats
  • !Suggest
  • !Tournaments
  • !Coins
  • !Cheatsheet
  • !Cosmetic
  • !Drop
  • !Help
  • !Link
  • !Map
  • !News
  • !Profile
  • !Shop
  • !Unlink
  • !Upcoming
  • !Fishstats


This project is NOT affiliated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way related to Epic Games Inc.