About this bot: Administrative commands
Fun commands
And More You can see everything you need using /help More about this bot: This bot have administrative commands: All basics commands: /ban - Ban a user /kick - Kick a user /mute - Mute a user Require /config muterole {mute role name} /unmute - Unumte a user Fun commands: /gay - How gay are you? /how gay @user - How gay is @user? /hug - Hug a user /kill - Kill a user /poll - Poll time. /giveaway - (Not working properly) Make a giveaway. Usage: /giveaway #channel One-Word prize winners time /gend - End giveaway p.s Giveaway won't automatically end! and more. Economy Commands: /daily - Disabled till I will add cooldown ( as soon as posible ) /coins - Check how many coins you have. Image commands: /cat - Cat image /dog - Dog image. Info commands: /about - About bot /ping - Bot's API Latency /credits - See who created our bot. More commands: See what's new. - /news Invite bot: /invite