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A multipurpose bot built to enhance your discord experience.

Developer: Trintous#8173 

Prefix: v! | (custom)

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• Role Saving - ever wanted a bot to automatically give a user back their roles if they leave and rejoin? Vaeleth will automatically do this!

• Role Banning - automatically banning a member from a role which prevents them from getting the role until you turn it off

• Moderation Cases - Most moderation commands have specified case IDs that if you ever want to look back at a certain case or all of a members cases

• Banned Words - Want to prevent people from sending a specified word? Well you can do this with Vaeleth!

• Logging - Configurable moderation logging channels and regular action logging channels (message deletes, message edits, etc.)

• Autorole - Customizable role to give automatically when a member joins your server

And Much More!