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Cyraxx ✨ Avatar

Cyraxx ✨

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Currency ?, Social Profiles, Memes, Anime, Images, Moderation, Image Manipulation, Games, Utilities, Fun, Reddit, Welco

Developer: cyraxx ಠ_ಠ#5722 

Prefix: c! (customisable)

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  • Actions ( cuddle, hug, kiss, bite, etc )
  • Currency ( work, crime, daily, slots, gamble, pokemon, etc )
  • Fun ( 8ball, chucknorris, jokes, meme, dankrate, etc )
  • General ( advice, anime, animequote, facts, covid, polls, infos about channels, roles, etc )
  • Images ( animepic, animeavatar, cute, cat, dog, fox, pikachu, reddit, sharingan, wallpaper, etc )
  • Memegen ( achievement, calling, clyde, drake, garbage, magik, captcha, etc )
  • Moderation ( addrole,Features ban, kick, mute, hackban, prefix, config, unban, etc )
  • Social ( avatar, enlarge, cookie, reputation, leaderboards, setbio, profile, per-user prefix, etc )
  • Memes ( 4chan, antijoke, comics, facepalm, prequel, sequel, surreal, tifu, yomomma, etc )


  • Shoob network card pings, recent cards, season leaderboards, you can find more about it in #faqs in our Discord server ✨
  • Image welcoming, greet new members with a welcoming image/anime banners!!
  • Spam resistant, all commands have a minimum cooldown of 3sec!
  • Mobile friendly, all commands are case-sensitive! ex You can use them like C! piNg too.
  • @everyone, @here resistant, the bot will never mention everyone or here except cardping-roles if set.
  • Approx 300 commands with Friendly embeds/responses.
  • Features of Dyno, vortex, dank memer! lol


  • You can report any kind of bugs or grammar mistakes/typos in our support server!


  • If you ever need any help regarding bot/bot-setup, join our support server and leave a message in #support!! ?